An Intro to the First ECG

Intro to ECG

Inspired by a mate starting out with ECG’s and me ( a visual learner) struggling to explain the concept verbally, here are some videos to help anyone with their first step into ECG interpretation and understanding!

Welcome to ECG’s – Please enjoy this Intro  😀

1. The Cardiac Cycle (Lead II)

2. How to Obtain a 12 Lead ECG (skip to 4 minutes for the actual procedure)

12 Leads – the First Videos to Watch!

A more complex and faster but seriously thorough and fantastic video explaining the electrophysiology of the ECG

My Advice: I am a complete n00bie and i’ve been going at it for a year now – which is basically nothing in the long term!
Keep at it, persevere and find someone experienced and knowledgeable who can reduce complicated ideas to simple understandable analogies.



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